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Tune in for something EPIC!

Believe it or not, we started started our podcast in 2014. Claudius and Chris were randomly discussing comic book movies and how they would have approached telling those stories. Specifically, they were discussing the concept of X-Men: Days of Future Past. (You remember how much promise that one had, right? Yeah, we're  still bummed about the lack of sentinels too.) Claudius then made the suggestion that they start recording these nerdy ideas because they were too lazy to actually write them down. 

We knew we would need a third person to help bring balance to the podcast and could think of no one better than our best friend and Claudius' roomie/wing woman/bestie with mad baking skillz - Jamie!  Her "noob nerd" (and we say that with love) view adds variety to the podcast. She also brings her love for Disney, art, and musicals.

Since our first episode, the podcast has grown and we have been able to have some very awesome interviews with local talent and  celebrities. Not forgetting our many discussions about comics, movies, TV shows, games, anime, cosplay - we definitely go off on a lot of random tangents. It wouldn't be the same without them!

We've had the opportunity to cover Dragon Con - the South East’s largest comic convention with an attendance of over 80,000 nerds flocking to Atlanta, GA every Labor Day weekend. We were actually the first podcast to record in the official Podcast Recording Room at Dragon Con back in 2015, which is a nice honor to hold. 

On March 14, 2018 (3.14. Pi Day!), we re-launched after a three month hiatus. We took this time to discuss new ideas that they will be sharing with you in the near future. We look forward to growing, gaining more experience, talking to more amazing people, and providing awesome content that you'll enjoy.

Thanks so much of your support and be sure to tune in for something EPIC!

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Claudius is the brains behind Epic Briefs Podcast. It was his idea to begin recording our random rants. Claudius is an avid fan of Marvel and DC Comics - particularly Spider-Man and Batman.

He loves video games,  cartoons, comics, and movies. Music is also a major part of his life, especially Hip-Hop, Alternative, Oldies, Classic Rock, and Reggae. 

To quote one of his favorite cartoons, Regular Show,  “You can’t touch music, but music can touch you”. (Cue Rigby saying "Barf!") 



Probably the nerdiest of the hosts - Chris can be found on new comic Wednesdays at his friendly local comic book shop or 2nd and Charles.

Armed with fan nuggets, Chris has been known to go on random side conversations about  things even in everyday conversations. He is very opinionated and most of the time has valid opinions (according to him).

Some of his favorite characters are Green Lantern, Batman, Thor, Captain America and Nightcrawler. If you ask a question be prepared to learn way more than you asked about.



Jamie is the resident Disney nerd. Her favorite character is Stitch because of his adorable, but destructive personality (There are some similarities between the two).

Shameless and The Handmaid's Tale are two of her favorite shows. She also has an undying love for Johnny Depp, musicals, and art. 

Jamie adds a little sass to the podcast and has no trouble putting Chris and Claudius in their places.